ThingPark X IoTFlow (TPX) Service

Actility believes in a radically more efficient and sustainable world through ubiquitous digital-twin technology. Digital twins are software representations of physical devices. ThingPark X (TPX) is the cornerstone of Actility’s vision to make digital twins commonplace. Positioned at the edge of the LoRaWAN® network, TPX simplifies the interface between LPWAN-connected sensors and IoT applications, transforming raw sensor data into application-friendly actionable information that can be fed into digital twins of various IoT platforms.

Actility ThingPark X IoT Flow—in short, TPX—is the dataflow module of the ThingPark platform. It processes both uplinks (sensors to networks) and downlinks (commands to sensors and actuators). In the uplink direction, TPX decodes the binary payload to JSON format (using a standard library of CoDecs or custom ones) and optionally reformats or normalizes the data to a uniform ontology.

Furthermore, we require TPX because we are going to utilize Tinovi definitions within TPX to effectively parse the data. This ensures seamless integration and efficient data processing, aligning with the specific needs of our project. Lastly, TPX can feed the uplink data to 3rd party services (e.g., an MQTT broker) or platforms (e.g., Azure IoThub).

In the downlink direction, TPX can encode JSON-formatted data into the appropriate binary payload format and manage the secure connection with the network server for transmission.

TPX is continuously expanding and offers many other services. For a more comprehensive understanding, please refer to the TPX documentation portal.
We hope this revised section effectively communicates the necessity of TPX in the context of using Tinovi definitions for data parsing.