Step 10 - Create a SCADA Device Definition

In this step, you will:

Create a device to represent the LoRaWAN® sensor device.

In order to receive data from a LoRaWAN® sensor, you must create a device definition that represents the sensor in the physical world. You can think of it as the “digital twin” of the physical world.


Click on the Add Device icon to create a device definition that will represent your LoRaWAN® device on the SCADA system.


You can enter any text as a name. You can enter LoRaWAN® Sensor as an example.


Select MQTT Client from the Device Type drop-down menu.


You can enter any text as a description.


Click OK to create the device definition.

If you wish to revisit the device definition that you just made, you can follow the path shown below. Just follow the steps.


You can see that the new device was created.