Step 8 - Create a SCADA Project

In this step, you will:

Create a new Rapid Scada project to customize for this activity.

In the Rapid SCADA environment, you will create a new project tailored to your needs, which will then be deployed to the Rapid SCADA engine for runtime.

The drawing shows the Most Common System architecture* of Rapid SCADA. To customize the application that is going to run on the Application Server, you are going to use the Administration application, which is installed in the process of Rapid SCADA installation.


You can find the icon to start the Administration application** under the SCADA group.


Click on New Project to create a project from scratch.


You can view the statistics of the connection.


Click OK to create the new project***.

* You can find more information on Rapid SCADA Architecture here.

** You can find more information on Administration application here.

***Please notice that the new project will not be effective until you deploy into Rapid SCADA.