Monitoring Steps

Sensor data tracking is similar to trail-following. After setting everything up and laying the foundation at the implementation steps, you now monitor the data to make sure it flows in the right direction. Now, step-by-step instructions on converting unprocessed data into meaningful information will be provided by Monitoring Steps.

Implementation Steps

Prepare your LoRaWAN® device.
Create an account on the TPC Portal.
Create TPX connection definitions.
Register your device at the TPC Portal.
Monitor the sensor data on TPC.
Monitor the sensor data on TPX.
Installation of the SCADA product
Create a SCADA project.
Create a SCADA connection definition.
Create a SCADA device definition.
Create connection definitions for SCADA at TPC.
Monitor sensor data on Rapid SCADA Admin.
Create a SCADA channel.
preparation of the SCADA report.

Monitoring steps

Monitor the LoRaWAN® packets on the TPC admin console.
Monitor the LoRaWAN® packets with ThingPark Wireless Logger.
Monitor sensor data on Rapid SCADA Admin.
Monitor sensor data on the Rapid SCADA Web.