Device maker

Let’s join forces to build better IoT Solutions !

As a device maker, your products and services can smoothly integrate with ThingPark to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions that your customers expect.
This journey helps you get the most out of Actility product and services to improve your offerings and accelerate your go-to-market.

Become an Actility solutions partner with the Ignite Partner Program

Bringing end-to-end IoT solutions to the market is critical to accelerate industrial IoT adoption and drive business growth. Building such solutions is a real challenge as it requires combining different products, services and expertise across a very dynamic ecosystem of partners: that is why Actility launched the Ignite Partner Program.

The Ignite Partner Program is a dedicated program designed to accelerate go-to-market of joint IoT Solutions and drive growth together.

Gain awareness within ThingPark community of customers & partners

A successful IoT projects starts by selecting the right application to fulfill customer requirements. To make this first step easier, Actility launched ThingPark Community solutions catalog, a portfolio of IoT products that can greatly complement ThingPark to build value-added IoT Solutions.

Register your product on ThingPark Community Solutions Catalog to benefit from a greater brand exposure and gain awareness among Actility customers and partners.

Submit your ThingPark Device Profile to extend exposure of your producits within ThingPark user interface and tighten their integration with the ThingPark service.

Extend your market reach with ThingPark Market

ThingPark Market is the market-leading marketplace for industrial IoT solutions, referencing hundreds of products and solutions from tens of sellers.

Become a ThingPark Market seller in a few clicks to significantly increase your product visibility and grow your sales.

Ensure dependable deployment with ThingPark Connected

Product interoperability is a key stake for Industrial IoT adoption: That’s why we created the ThingPark Connected label, a quality label that clearly identifies ThingPark compatible products.
Selecting ThingPark Connected products, our customers can deploy their IoT solutions in confidence, lowering the risk of project drift or unreliability.

With ThingPark Interop Engine, we provide device makers with a self-service tool to ensure compatibility of your device with ThingPark LoRaWAN® stack and get the ThingPark Connected label.

Accelerate application integration with ThingPark X Drivers

IoT sensors are the foundation of IoT solutions as they provide the data required to deliver actionable insights to customers. However, their value only becomes tangible once sensors’ payload is properly decoded, delivered and analyzed by business applications. To streamline this data ingestion process, ThingPark X IoT Flow provides ThingPark customers with an extensive library of IoT drivers, ensuring seamless payload decoding for ThingPark Connected sensors.

Developing your ThingPark X driver ensures your sensor to smoothly integrate with ThingPark connected IoT applications such as AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub or PTC Thingworx… making IoT solutions deployment easier and faster.

Learn how to develop a ThingPark X IoT Flow Driver