ThingPark Community hands-on labs. Here we will post from time to time practical projects where you will not be expected to have any prior knowledge on LoRaWAN with the ThingPark platform. We will guide you from A to Z, with lots of screenshots and images and no need to read long documents. Have fun !

Build a LoRaWAN® network which doesn’t require any prior LoRaWAN® technology knowledge or programming skills.

In this activity, we are going to perform very simple steps to send sensor data via a LoRaWAN gateway to the ThingPark Community platform (TPCP, a network server) and display the collected data on an application platform. The end-device we are going to use has temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors built into it. In this lab, we going to use GEMTEK MINIHUB v1.5 LoRaWan® Gateway and Tinovi LoRaWan® IO Module.

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