Step 13 - Create Channel Definitions

In this step, you will:

Create a channel definition to use the collected data.

In Rapid SCADA, a channel is a logical connection to a data source or device. Channels can be used to read data from sensors, control actuators, or send and receive commands to other devices. There are two main types of channels in Rapid SCADA: Input channels: read data from devices or sensors; and output channels: send commands to devices or actuators. In this activity, we will use input channels to read data from the LoRaWAN® sensor.


Click on the create channel icon to create a new channel.


Select the communication line that you previously created.


Select the device that you created previously.


Click to Next to proceed.


Select the Enterprise from the list.


Click on Next to continue.


Enter any arbitrary number for Start channel number.


Enter a number one greater than the value entered in the Start field, since we have two tags (temperature and humidity) to relate to the channel.


Click on Create  to create channel.

If you wish to revisit the channel definition that you just made, you can follow the path shown below. Just follow the steps 10 ~ 12.


Click on Channels on the main menu.


Click on the device that you created previously (i.e. LoRaWAN®_Sensor).


Now, you can view the channel definitions created as 101 and 102.