Step 16 - Monitor the LoRaWAN® Packets at ThingPark Wireless Logger

In this step, you will:

View more detail on the LoRaWAN® packets.

In the ThingPark Wireless Logger application, you can view very important network-related information that will help you understand the network and RF behavior of your device.

In order to access detailed RF information:

– Access to the ThingPark Wireless Logger (1)

– Select the LoRaWAN® package from the list (2)

– Now you can view low-level information about the selected LoRaWAN® package (3)


Click on the SHOW ALL icon just under the LAST 10 PACKAGE section to access the ThingPark Wireless Monitor.


Select a record from the list to access the details of the LoRaWAN® package.


Now you can view detailed information about the LoRaWAN® package that was transmitted by your device and its life in the RF environment.


So, you should be able to view the same record that you saw in the Last 10 packets section of your device at the TPC Admin console.