Step 15 - Monitor the LoRaWAN® Packets at TPC Admin Console

In this step, you will:

Use the TPC Admin console to view the LoRaWAN® packets received from the device using LoRaWAN® infrastructure.

As can be seen in the drawing, after your device sends the LoRaWAN® package, it will be received by the TPC gateway (a.k.a. LoRaWAN® Base Station) “1″ . Then the package will be forwarded to your account on TPC  “2” . Now, at the TPC Admin console, you can view the packets that TPC has received.

The steps required to view LoRaWAN® packets at TPC are as follows:

– Sign in to TPC (1~4)

– Access to the Admin Console (5)

– Access to the Device Menu (6)

– Select your device from the list (7)

– Proceed to the section Last 10 packets (8)

– Select one of the records to view decoded data (9,10)


Click on Login tab in order to access TPC Sign In page


Enter your e-mail and TPC password then Click SIGN IN to access to your TPC account.


Enter the One-time code which is shown at Authenticator application and click on SIGN IN


Click on ThingPark Admin Console to access your LoRaWAN® Network console.


Click on Devices to view your LoRaWAN® devices.


Click on the Tinovi device that you just created.


Scroll down the page till you reach the LAST 10 PACKETS section.


Click on one of the records to view details of the received package.


You can view the record, which is decoded by TPX.