Step 1 - Prepare your LoRaWAN® Device

In this step, you will:

Setup the LoRaWAN® sensor device for use.

Getting your device ready is easy. Just insert the battery, and you’re all set. No extra setup is needed. When you’ve put in the battery, make sure your LoRaWAN® device is sending data. If the blue LED blinks, that means your device is transmitting data. As simple as that!*


Insert the 18650 battery into the device, ensuring the correct polarity. The + polarity is shown in the photo.


To confirm that the device is transmitting data, watch for the BLUE LED inside the casing. It should light up approximately every 20 seconds. If it does, this indicates both data transmission and a functional battery. Refer to the image below to locate the LED.

*The blinking of the blue LED indicates data transmission from the device. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the LoRaWAN® packets have successfully arrived at TPC.