Take a Journey to IoT with Actility

The Internet of Things provides businesses and people better insight into and control over 99% of objects and environments that remain beyond the reach of the Internet. And by doing so, closing the gap between the physical and the digital world is made possible by IoT. An increasingly widescale use of IoT allows to:

  • Increase efficiency by saving money and resources.
  • Enable cities, citizens, industries, and communities to be a connected ecosystem.
  • Provide a sustainable economy and a better quality of life.

Yet, to take advantage of this opportunity, IoT must be:

  • Low power, to provide valuable data at low cost.
  • Secure end-to-end, and interoperable across gateways, devices, and apps.
  • Scalable, reliable and an enabler of data flow and monetization.

But most of all, it must be delivered by an organization with extended experience, maturity, credibility, intellectual property, and well-established relationships in the ecosystem: Actility. 

In Short

Actility is a world leader in Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things. Actility provides its ThingPark™ platform and network technology to deploy, operate and maintain public and private wireless IoT networks within a unified, scalable and versatile network infrastructure.

The vast majority (more than 50) of nationwide LoRaWAN® network service providers and hundreds of companies trust ThingPark™ all over the world. Through its subsidiary Abeeway, Actility also provides patented ultra-low power tracking solutions. ThingPark Market offers the largest selection of interoperable IoT gateways, devices and applications to simplify and accelerate deployment of use cases.

Our Mission

Actility connects IoT devices anywhere, ensuring efficient and secure data gathering and transferring to cloud applications on any scale, providing an operations support system, managing devices, data flow, and monetization, thus enabling end-to-end IoT solutions. Actility’s ambition is to put IoT at the service of cities, citizens, industries, and communities, enabling them to form a connected ecosystem.

Actility is ISO 9001 certified and demonstrating 10+ years of field experience in all regions of the world. ThingPark™ offers key factors for success of your IoT projects. It is the dependable engine behind many innovations in key areas such as Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Building Management, Logistics, and Supply Chain, Utilities, Precision Agriculture, and others, contributing to a more sustainable economy.

Corporate Profile

Company Name

Actility SA

Founded in



65 Rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris, France


Olivier Hersent

Regional offices

USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Israel

Business Sector

Internet of Things, Internet & Software, Telecommunications


ISO 9001:2015, world's best-known quality management standard

Work Force


Products and Solutions

ThingPark™ is our multi-radio IoT connectivity platform allowing to deploy Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) worldwide, integrating not only LoRaWAN®, but also low-power cellular (LTE-M, NB-IoT) and satellite radio networks.  

ThingPark™ Suite is a comprehensive portfolio of products and value-added services

Market Differentiators

Actility has the
largest global footprint

We deploy IoT networks across campuses, regions and whole countries, everywhere

  • Actility has the most mature, secure and scalable LPWAN platform operating now over 35 000 public network base stations worldwide. ThingPark processes over 20 billion IoT transactions per year. To support this, ThingPark is managed 24/7 from regional georedundant datacenters and our professional follow-the-sun support centers.


  • Actility is already powering the vast majority of public nationwide LoRaWAN® deployments worldwide: 50+ large-scale Tier-1 service providers on all continents such as KPN, Orange and Swisscom in Europe, a major cable operator in the US, ER-Telecom in Russia, CAT Telecom, NNNCo and NTT in APAC, to name a few. At the same time Actility operates the only operational global LPWAN Activation & Roaming platform – ThingPark Exchange.


  • Actility deploys thousands of industrial enterprise networks worldwide leveraging ThingPark Enterprise elastic architecture: from small single-gateway deployments for PoCs or small buildings, to big industrial facilities and whole cities (Pittsburg Airport, Paris Airport, Washington DC, Wichita, Edmonton, Buenos Aires, Kiev, etc.) and scaling up to large-scale international georedundant networks for multinational companies.

Actility has a deep expertise in the whole IoT value chain

We deliver ROI & monetization, not just connectivity

  • The ThingPark platform helps you to optimize costs, generate revenues and maximize the Return on Investment, while supporting your transition from Proof-of-Concepts to full-scale IoT deployments with hundreds of thousands of devices.
  • Actility accelerates the creation of smart IoT solutions, bringing a profound digital transformation of industries and society. Millions of sensors connected to our platform enable the power of data to be harnessed to streamline operations, reduce machine maintenance costs, secure buildings, optimize field irrigation, and much more.
  • The combination of these outcomes enables faster and effective monetization of the IoT infrastructure. Specifically, we protect your investment with a comprehensive 360° approach to ROI in  
7 Steps

Development : Enabled

Developers can speed-up product creation, reduce costs and freely access sophisticated automated test tools on our ThingPark Community Portal, hosting already more than 1000 active developers.

Integration : Established

ThingPark is open and built around established standards, letting you bring up and scale end-to-end use cases in record time, with seamless integration of complex functions like RF layer, device & network management, device activation & secure credential storage, message queues, drivers and data transformation to fit major IoT data store & analysis platforms.

Network operations : Delivered

ThingPark platform is fully elastic from single antenna site to entire countries. Our pricing includes all hosting costs, HA and georedundancy, and there are no overheads: we manage upgrades ensuring full continuity of the data-path, and the platform is monitored 24x7.

Device field operations & commissioning : Secured

Our ISO 9001 QA process (1,000+ tests and 4 weeks of field testing) ensures that you will never have to service thousands of orphaned devices. We are the only provider that deployed record capabilities for IoT traffic to efficiently perform regression testing for a long tail of thousands of device types. We enable secure pre-commissioning of devices from the factory, thus eliminating on site configuration.

Maintenance : Made Simple

Our best-in-class dynamic radio parameter optimization ensures minimal power consumption, and leverages RF macro-diversity to match high QoS objectives, reducing battery replacement and optimizing RF stability, with even further cost optimization for geolocation as we leverage our for multi-technology system with our patented Low-Power GPS. Our firmware update compression and multicasting enable zero touch mass upgrade campaigns.

Infrastructure Usage : Reduced

Once the LPWAN network is in place, enterprises and service providers can break the traditional silo model and deploy telemetering, geolocation, smart-building and many other use cases, which rapidly decreases the marginal infrastructure costs for each use case.

Solutions Exposure : Fulfilled

Solution providers can rapidly and inexpensively make their applications and devices available over any network, via ThingPark Exchange peering hub. ThingPark Market (market.thingpark.com) exposes successful solutions from all over the world, available in a few clicks with pre-negotiated purchase contracts and allows you to reach a focused IoT audience over 161 countries.

Actility is driving the global IoT innovation

We are developing solutions at the forefront of IoT

  • With over 60% of our staff involved in engineering, we are not only a market leader, who initiated the buildout of the LPWAN backbone, but also a pioneer, the first to implement and deploy advanced features like Class B, multicast, roaming, activation, peering hub, hardware security. ThingPark Wireless offers a single interface for LoRaWAN®, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and satellite connectivity which makes it the only available multi-radio IoT platform.


  • We are looking further ahead of the competition as a global driver, with ThingPark Exchange being the only active LoRaWAN® peering hub in the industry that already connects 18 networks worldwide: public and private networks, network servers and join servers, both Actility and non-Actility platforms, including two satellite networks.

We are driving IoT adoption through a rich ecosystem

Actility is leading a vibrant ecosystem of strategic partners, by connecting solution providers, security system vendors, chip & module makers, world-class integrators solution partners, supporting developers and device makers preparing their LPWAN product for market, and providing a B2B marketplace offering a global distribution channel to solution providers. We are at the heart of IoT, connecting the dots.

We are a Cool Vendor that delivers a multiplier effect on the IoT business

Actility has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s 2020 Cool Vendors report in Communications Service Provider Network Operations, confirming our innovation and impactful profile in key IoT industries.

Cool Vendors for communications service provider (CSP) operational technology (OT) create new value by developing faster and more cost-effective solutions, as well as embedding open and API-driven architecture to accelerate ecosystem creation. These vendors provide network- and vendor-agnostic solutions that CSPs can use to gain network-related insights, modernize their operations and automate to enhance operations efficiency. Cool Vendors tend to be more aligned to CSPs’ transformation objectives as compared with many established vendors, because Cool Vendors are not guided by any legacy business.

3 reasons to choose Actility

1 Market leader with the most mature platform

Actility provides the most reliable and advanced IoT platform used by tier-1 global operators, with a strong background in large-scale project delivery, customer focus with growing international sales, support and global account teams. The ThingPark platform demonstrates 10+ years of field experience in all regions of the world and offers you all-inclusive industrial grade service and full deployment flexibility with 4/7 monitoring, geo-redundancy, high-availability and continuous upgrades.

2 Complete IoT value chain expertise

ThingPark™ offers you the largest LoRaWAN® product portfolio, with a focus on monetization of the IoT infrastructure and the ROI. It is open, hardware agnostic and supports all leading LoRaWAN® gateways, providing seamless administration interfaces and ensuring that partners can always use the hardware best suited for their use case, country of deployment, and budget. ThingPark implements open standard APIs and connectors to all leading IoT cloud platforms.

3 Influence and technological sophistication at the forefront of IoT

Actility is accelerating the formation of the world IoT ecosystem by connecting all parts involved. Actility is the first to implement and deploy advanced IoT features and latest LoRaWAN® specifications with an enhanced security stack, offering our partners a comprehensive set of value-added services such as reliable multicast, firmware updates (FUOTA), peering/roaming, and low-power geolocation services, to go beyond connectivity, lowering barriers and accelerating LPWAN deployments.