Step 9 - Create a SCADA Connection Definition

In this step, you will:

Create a connection definition from Rapid SCADA to the MQTT Server.

TPC will send sensor data to a MQTT Server for processing in the SCADA system, as shown on the Solution Overview page of this activity. In our case, the MQTT Server will be Mosquitto MQTT Server, and the SCADA system will be Rapid SCADA.

When you create a new project, administration windows will be shown in the administration application. You can find more information on the administration application here.


Click the communication line icon to create a connection to the MQTT Server.


You can give any arbitrary name for the connection. You can use MQTT_TPX as an example.


You can enter any text as a description.


Click OK to create the connection.


You can see that the new connection was created.

Till now, you have created the connection definition, but now you must enter the properties of the MQTT connection to Mosquitto MQTT Server, which will receive the sensor data from TPX and make them available for you to use in Rapid SCADA.


Select MQTT Client from the TYPE drop down menu.


Click to Properties field which will open MQTT Client Options panel.


Enter as MQTT Server address*.


Click OK to save changes.


Now you can view the MQTT connection parameters that you had entered.

*please notice that server address is the parameter that you used in the TPX connection definitions.