Step 5 - Monitor the Sensor Data on TPC

In this step, you will:

Examine the device you created and observe the LoRaWAN® packets received by TPC.

You can access device information by navigating to ‘Devices > List’ in the menu, as shown below.


Click to Devices icon to access Device list and actions.


Select the device from the list.


Now you can view the details of the device.


Please scroll down the page to view LAST 10 packets section.


Click to any of the icon to view the “Arrow Sign” values decoded by TPX.


Since you selected Manufacturer (Tinovi) and device model (PM-IO-5-SM) while creating the device, this part displays the values decoded by TPX.


These values, airTemp and airHum, are crucial. Since you use them for Rapid SCADA Subscription definitions in order to create the correct topic name at MQTT Broker.