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Empower your academic journey with the ThingPark Universities Program. We’re dedicated to nurturing future innovators by connecting universities to the cutting-edge world of IoT. Take advantage of quotas for licenses, and if your projects scale up, we’re ready to provide more.
Dive into the world of real-life applications and contribute to the future — your work could be showcased in our project competitions and used for promotional endeavors.

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Discover LoRaWAN®: Begin by exploring the world of LoRaWAN® with recommended reading such as the “LoRaWAN® Book” by Sylvain Montangny, Professor at Savoie Mont Blanc University. For a comprehensive understanding, visit Pr Sylvain Montangny’s Global Online Content and ensure to refer back to our website for further insights.

Learn about ThingPark: Access free content and resources to get up to speed with what ThingPark has to offer. Embrace the potential of our IoT platform to bring your academic projects to life.

Experiment with our tutorials

Hone your skills and deepen your understanding of IoT technologies with hands-on experience. Our tutorials are crafted to guide you through from the basics to advanced concepts, providing a practical framework for learning.

Create your own use case

Now it’s time to put theory into practice. Challenge your creativity and technical skills by developing your unique IoT use case. This is your opportunity to innovate and create solutions that can make an impact. To take this challenge further, we invite you to share your innovative IoT use cases on social media. Use the hashtag #ThingParkInnovators and tag us in your posts. Showcase your project, share your journey, and connect with fellow IoT enthusiasts around the globe. Let’s highlight the power of collaboration and innovation in the IoT community together!

Become part of something bigger with ThingPark Connected

Joining the ThingPark Universities Program isn’t just about access to technology; it’s about becoming part of a global community committed to driving innovation and excellence in the IoT space. As you learn, experiment, and create, you’re laying the foundation for a career that can shape the future of technology.

Embark on an exciting path of discovery and development in IoT with ThingPark by Actility. For more information on how to bring ThingPark to your university, contact us today.