Step 18 - Monitor Sensor Data on Web Browser

In this step, you will:

View the data in a web browser.

The final stage of the data is a web browser to serve end users using the included functionality of Rapid SCADA.

To be able to view the information that is collected by your LoRaWAN® sensor, the end user can use a web browser. In order to access the web pages of Rapid Scada, it is sufficient to connect to the port of the Rapid Scada Web application and provide a user ID and password.

You can verify the connection status to the MQTT Server, which is shown as line state. The status should be Normal.


Use a web browser on the machine that Rapid SCADA has installed. Use following URL: http://localhost:10008/


Provide the user ID and password for Rapid SCADA. Default values:
User: admin , Password: scada


Click on the first line of the list to access the graph of the collected data by the LoRaWAN® Sensor.


Now, you can view the last 24 hours of the channel data.


So, this is the last stage of the following footsteps of the data that is collected by LoRaWAN® Sensor.