Step 10 - Register Abeeway Geolocation Module to TPC

Now you have to access TPC to provision your EVB device. For this step, the following information is needed, which was defined in the previous step:

DevEUI, displayed as a result of settings display  command

joineui, you set with settings set joineui command

appkey, you set with settings set appkey command


Please access TPC from here.


Please enter your TPC email and password to access admin functions.


Please click on the ThingPark Admin console.


You now have access to the TPC control panel.


Please click on Devices in the left menu.


Please click to Create in the left menu.


Please select Abeeway at the left menu.


Please select Abeeway Geolocation- class A eu868* at the dropdown list for the Model field.


Give an arbitrary name to your EVB as the Name field.


Enter the DevEUI that had been viewed at the previous step as a result of the settings display command in the DevEUI field.


Please select Over-the-Air-Activation (OTAA) with local Join Server from the drop-down list as the Activation mode field.


Please enter the joineui that you set with the settings set joineui command at the previous step in JoinEUI(AppEUI) field.


Please enter the appkey you set with the settings set appkey command at the previous step in the AppKey field.


Please select a connection from the drop-down list as Connections** field.


Please click to CREATE button in order to complete the provision of your EVB.

In this step, you created definitions of EVB at TPC, which are needed when EVB wish to join the TPC LoRaWAN® network.

*in this example we use eu868, please select your region

** please create a connection if you did not created one before