Step 12 - Testing BLE / Scanner Functionality

The EVB’s BLE scanning functionality will be demonstrated to you in this step. You will need to carry out the actions listed below in order to accomplish this goal:

-Tera Term should be used to connect to the EVB.

-Make the EVB’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) utility work as a BLE detector.

-Begin the process of using EVB’s BLE scanning function.

-Last but not least, make use of an application that can observe BLE signals in the immediate area.

Please use the Tera Term application in order to establish a connection to EVB. When using Tera Term to connect to EVB, the steps that you take are identical to those that you took at the commencement of Step 9 and Step 11 respectively. Please follow these instructions.


To display the BLE commands of the example application, enter the ble command at the terminal.


Issue ble open command at the terminal to view the possible parameters of the ble open command.


Finally, type ble open observer to begin the process of starting the BLE stack of the EVB as an observer.

You are able to initiate the scanning functionality of the EVB now that the BLE stack has been ready.


To see the various scan methods that are available to you, enter the ble scan command at the terminal.


Enter the ble scan all command to the BLE scanner at the interface to search for all different kinds of beacons.


The list of beacons that are nearby is now visible to you.

In this step, you used EVB as a BLE scanner to scan for different types of BLE beacons.