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Designed for Industrial IoT

Truly Low-Power – Secure – Widely Adopted

LoRaWAN® is the leading Low-Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) technology. It is the essential building block of massive IoT thanks to its low-power, long-range, low-cost, highly-secure, and scalable nature. Being operated in an unlicensed band and based on an open standard published by the LoRa Alliance makes it the prime choice for an ever-growing list of public and private IoT networks across the globe.

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At the forefront of IoT

As a founding member of the LoRa Alliance, Actility has taken a leading role in this technology development from the beginning, both within the alliance and in the industry. Actility’s ThingPark product family empowers almost half of the public LoRaWAN® networks globally. It is the most mature infra product family with the widest portfolio and the first to bring the cutting-edge features to the market.

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