Step 14 - Testing Wi-Fi Sniffer Functionality

You will get to experience the Wi-Fi scanner functionality of the EVB in this step. To accomplish this, you will need to carry out the following simple step:

-Connect to EVB using Tera Term

-Activate the Wi-Fi  service of the EVB as a Wi-Fi sniffer

-Monitor the progress of the Wi-Fi signal reception

Please use the Tera Term application to establish a connection to EVB. The procedures that you carried to at the beginning of Step 9 and Step 11 in order to connect to EVB using Tera Term are the same. Please refer to these steps, and make sure that the Wi-Fi antenna is already connected to EVB as explained in Step 1.


Issue the wifi command at the terminal to view the wifi commands implemented in the sample application.


To start searching for WiFi networks nearby, issue wifi scan at terminal.


Issue wifi results command to show detailed information on the WiFi access points and networks that have been discovered.

To discover WiFi access points near your location, you used EVB as a WiFi sniffer in this step.