Step 1 - Hardware setup of Abeeway Geolocation Module

To be able to access EVB from your computer, you need to :

  • Unpack the discovery kit and check that all the needed components are there.
  • Make the necessary antenna and USB connections.

It is important to connect the LoRaWAN® antenna before turning on the EVB board. Because if the LoRaWAN® antenna is not attached when the EVB is powered on, the EVB board could be damaged.


The Abeeway-Murata Module Discovery Kit comes with all the necessary components for you to complete this activity. In addition to the EVB, you will find a USB cable and three receivers (one each for LoRaWAN®, Wi-Fi, and GPS) inside the package.


You have three separate antennas, and you need to connect them to the appropriate terminals in the way that is illustrated in the figure. As can be seen, one of the antennas is significantly longer than the other; this particular antenna is a LoRaWAN® antenna. It is essential to connect the LoRaWAN® antenna before powering on the EVB; failing to do so may result in the EVB being damaged.


The EVB has three different USB connections, and in order to configure it, you need to connect it to the third one (USB3). This is demonstrated in the following picture.

As a result of this step, you prepared the EVB to be ready for the rest of the activity.