Step 4 - Install STMCubeProgrammer Software

In this step, you are going to install STMCubeProgrammer, if it is not already installed on your machine. For this step:

  • You need to download the zip file ST web site
  • Install the STMCubeProgrammer, which is stored in the zip file.

Visit the website that is provided below in order to download the product. This connection, like the one in the preceding step, requires the use of valid log-in information.


After successfully logging in, the product page will load, and you will need to select the Get Software option to download the software.


Select Get latest next to STM32CubeProgrammer software for Win64 label.


To continue with the download of the product, please select the SUBMIT option to indicate that you have read and agreed to the License Agreement.


After accepting the License Agreement  download of the product starts. The name of the zip file is


After the download is completed, you can begin the installation process for the product by double-clicking the SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer win64.exe file.


You can to monitor the downloading of the files as they proceed in real time.


Now that the installation of the product has begun, select the Next button to carry on with the installation.


After you have finished reading the information about the product, you can proceed with the installation by clicking the Next button.


After clicking the Next button, you will need to select the checkbox that says, “I approve the conditions of the license agreement.”


You have the option of using the default directory path for the implementation, which you can approve, or you can modify it as necessary. After that, proceed with the installation by clicking the Next button.


Click OK button if installation directory is correct.


Please select the options to be installed and click the Next button. By the way, default options is sufficient.


You can view the progress of the installation.


In order for the product to function correctly, the STLink drivers need to be installed. Therefore, to begin the installation of the STLink software, click the Next button.


Simply clicking the Finish button at the end of the STLink Driver installation will allow you to continue setting up the remainder of the product.


To proceed with the installation, please select the Next button.


Select the installation options and click the Next button. By the way, using the default options is sufficient.


To complete the product installation, click the Done button when you are finished.

As a result of this activity, you just installed the STMCubeProgrammer application,  which will be used to upload firmware and sample application to EVB.