Step 13 - Testing GPS Functionality

In this step, you are going to experience the GPS functionality of the EVB. To achieve this, you need to perform the following straightforward steps:

–  Connect to EVB using Tera Term.

–  Activate the GNSS service of the EVB as a GPS receiver.

–  Monitor the progress of the GPS signal reception.

Please use the Tera Term application to connect to EVB. The steps to connect to EVB using Tera Term are the same as those in Steps 9 and 11, respectively.  Please refer to these steps and make sure that the GPS antenna is already connected to EVB as shown in Step 1.


To view the GPS commands implemented in the example application, issue the gnss command at the terminal.


Type gnss open at the terminal to begin the GPS receiver function of EVB.


Monitor on the GPS signal reception’s progress.


After a sufficient amount of satellite signal has been obtained, you will notice that the application reporting date and time (UTC) and GPS position in addition to the satellites being monitored.


This application displays the current time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), as well as the current location and satellites. You need to enter gnss suspend so that you can access other GPS functions by entering gnss command as at the beginning of this step.

In this step, you used EVB as a GPS receiver to determine your position.