Step 9 - Set and display LoRaWAN®® Parameters of EVB

In this step, you will

– Set the joineui, appkey and nwkkey parameters of LoRaWAN®® on EVB

– View the Device EUI

Please notice that it is assumed that you already have an account at TPC.

Now you have to connect to EVB using the Tera Term application using the serial connection, and then you have to set the serial connection parameter.


Please select the icon Tera Term under the Tera Term group to start the application.


Please connect to EVB using Tera Term. For this, select the Serial connection and STMicroelectronics STLink Virtual Port as Port.


In order to set Serial port parameters, click to Serial Port under the Setup menu.


Please fill the menu with the following parameters:

57600 for Speed

7 bit for Data

none for Parity

1 bit for Stop bits

none for Flow control

Then click New settings button to save settings


Now that you are connected to EVB, please press Enter to get a login: prompt from EVB


Please enter 456 as your login parameter in order to access superuser privileges.


Please enter the following commands to setup the LoRaWAN®® definitions of the EVB, as shown in the figure.

settings erase

settings factory

settings set region EU868

settings set activation otaa

settings set joineui 20635f000a000001

settings set appkey 20635f01f000976220635f000000000F

settings set nwkkey 20635f01f000976220635f000000000F

Please notice that joineui, appkey & nwkkey are the values that you can randomly select and these values above given as example only. Rules for these numbers:

joineui should be 8 digits hexadecimal

appkey & nwkkey should be 16 digits hexadecimal

appkey and nwkkey should be the same


Please enter the settings display to view the settings. Please notice that the DevEUI of the device shown is 20635f01f0009797. You’re going to use DevEUI in Step 10.


Finally, enter the settings save command to make values persist after an EVB reset.

As a summary, you set the values for joineui, appkey, nwkkey  and view DevEUI of the EVB. These values will be used in the definitions of TPC in Step 10.