Step 7 - Upload Sample EVB Firmware to Abeeway Geolocation Module - 2

In this step, you will flash (upload) the sample cli-demo firmware to test the functionality of the EVB.


Switch to the Erase & Programming screen by clicking the Erasing & Programming icon.


File Path: Use the sample binary file that was downloaded in Step 3. The name of the file is aos-app-demo.elf* (the path should include the file name).

Start Address: 0x08000000

Select the Verify programming and Run after programming check boxes.


Simply start flashing the MCU by clicking the Start Programming button.


You will see multiple success messages, as shown in the figure.


You are informed via the pop-up window that the example CLI application has successfully been installed. To finish the procedure, click the OK button.

As a result of this activity, you just uploaded the sample CLI application to test the functionality of EVB.

*Exact path of the cli-demo application file on the package: