Step 8 - Install Tera Term Terminal Emulator

In this step, you will install the Tera Term application on your machine. This application will be used to access EVB via CLI to use the sample application.


You can access the TeraTerm product web page here, then click the Download link.


You can also access the download website from this link. In order for TeraTerm to be installed on your computer, you will need to choose the executable file (teraterm-4.106.exe).


You will notice that the download of the exe file will start automatically.


Please click on the exe files in order to start the installation.


Please select I accept agreement and then click the Next button.


After making your selections, press the Next option to move on to the installation process. By the way, the selection that is made by default is sufficient.


After making your choice, please proceed by clicking the option that indicates Next.


Please review the tasks and then select the option that says Next. For this exercise, the default selection will do just fine.


Please review the installation setup and click Install button to start installation.


When the installation is finished, please select Launch Tera Term and click the Finish button.

As a result of this step, you installed a Terminal Emulator application (Tera Term) which is necessary to access EVB via CLI (Command Line Interface) using the USB/Serial port.

Alternatively, you can select the zip version of the product in order to use the product without installing it on your machine.