Step 15 - Testing LoRaWAN® Functionality

In this step, you going to experience with LoRaWAN® functionality of the EVB. To achieve this, you need to perform the following straightforward steps

-Connect to EVB using Tera Term

-Activate the EVB as a LoRaWAN® device

-Verify LoRaWAN® settings of the EVB

-Send Join request to LoRaWAN® network

-Send a LoRaWAN® message

In order to connect to EVB, please use the Tera Term application. The steps to connect to EVB using Tera Term are exactly the same as you did at the beginning of Step9 and Step11. Please refer to these steps and ensure that:

-you performed Step9 (setup LoRaWAN® parameters on EVB) and Step10 (provision of EVB on TPC)

-LoRaWAN® antenna already connected to EVB as shown at Step 1

-You have TPC coverage at your location


Issue lora command at terminal to display lora  commands of the sample application.


Issue lora open at terminal to activate LoRAWAN stack of the EVB.


Issue lora parameter  display command to check the LoRaWAN® settings


Issue settings display command to ensure that LoRaWAN® definitions that you set at STEP 9 are still valid.


Issue lora join command to send Join request to TPC


Monitor the messages to seek for the confirmation of the Join request


Issue lora status command at terminal to verify that EVB joined to Actility TPC network and view additional settings (Class, Region, etc.)

Please notice that the data frame transmission is using the default values which can be changed using lora parameter set command

-ADR enabled

-Duty Cycle restrictions enabled

-Frames will be sent without expecting confirmation

-Use public LoRaWAN® network

-Data sent to FPort 100


Issue lora send 010203 command to send data frames to TPC


Monitor the messages to seek for the confirmation of the send  request

In this step, you used EVB as Class A LoRa device and send data to TPC.