Step 5 - Update the Firmware Upload Service of EVB

In this stage, you will

– Activate FUS (Firmware Upload Service) function on STM32CubeProgrammer
– Make sure the FUS firmware level is checked.
– If it’s necessary, upload the updated FUS firmware.


To use the EVB, you will need to initiate the STM32CubeProgrammer.


Ensure that Under reset and Hardware reset options are selected.


Click the Connect button to access to EVB.


Please notice that the Target Information section has been filled in with data pertaining to the associated MCU (STM32W55), which serves as the central processing unit for the EVB.


At this point, it is possible that you will be required to upgrade the software on the ST-Link. In this scenario, the upgrade can be performed by clicking the “Firmware Install” button.


Click the FUS icon to switch to the FUS screen.


Click the Start FUS button to start FUS Service.


If you get error in this step, do not panic! Just unplug and re-plug the USB cable and reconnect to EVB.


The dialog informs you that FUS has started. Click the OK button to finalize the FUS firmware update.


Simply examine the firmware version of the FUS by clicking the Read FUS infos button in order to determine whether or not an upgrade to the FUS’s software is required.


You will need to replace the FUS software to version V1.2.0.0 if the current FUS version is V1.0.2.0, which is the first available version.


In order to update the FUS service,

-Browse for the file path that points to the file that was downloaded in Step 2.

File path: path of the stm32wb5x_FUS_fw.bin* file (including file name)

Start Address: 0x080EC000


Click  Firmware Upgrade button to start the FUS firmware upgrade.


Click the View FUS infos button in order to check and see if the FUS software version has been upgraded to V1.2.0.0.

As a result of participating in this task, the STMCubeProgrammer application was successfully installed on your computer. This program will be utilized to transfer example applications and software to EVB.