Step 16 - View Abeeway Geolocation Module on TPC

In this step, you going to view the EVB device and verify if the data sent in Step14 is shown on TPC. To achieve this, you need to perform the following very simple steps

  • Logon to TPC
  • View the EVB device definitions
  • Verify that EVB device is online
  • Verify the data that sent at Step 15

In order to login to TPC, please follow the steps shown at the beginning of Step10 and ensure that you performed Step 14


Goto Devices menu to view your EVB device which was provisioned at Step 10


Click to EVB device in order to access details of the EVB device


Verify that connection is ACTIVE


Verify that the data (010203) that send at Step14  is shown

Please notice that the data package send using the default values (i.e. no message confirmation required), which means that even if you send the data package to TPC it doesn’t means that the data has arrived at TPC. But when you view the data as shown above, which means that you successfully experienced a full journey of LoRaWAN® setup! Congratulations!