Step 9 - Register Backend Application

In this step, you will:

– create a connection on ThingPark Community Portal.

On TPCP, a Connection is a link to an Application Server for backend processing. Connection provisioning is the definition of introducing the “end point to communication”.


Select Connections In order to access definitions.


Select Create to start creation of Application definition.


Select https:// , since we are going to use https as transport protocol.


Give a name which is meaningful for you at Name field.
In our example, we used  webhookForMKRWAN1310


Paste the URL that you had been copied at Step7
In our example, it was


Ensure that JSON selected at Content Type field.


Click CREATE  to create connection.

As a result of this step, you created your account at TPC to be able to proceed with registering your device.

* If you already have a Backend Application definition (i.e connection) on TPC, you can skip this step.