Step 9 - Register Backend Application

In this step, you will:

– Create a connection on the ThingPark Community portal(*).

On the TPC portal, a connection is a link to an Application Server for backend processing. Creating a Connection instance amounts to define the target address of your application and the protocol.

Here we will use HTTP, but ThingPark supports many other protocols including proprietary protocols used by all leading IoT platforms. ThingPark can also decode the LoRaWAN® payload and adapt the content to a target platform (ontology mapping), but we will not use this more advanced service here.


Select Connections in order to access definitions.


Select Create to start the creation of the application definition.


Select https:// since we are going to use HTTPS as the transport protocol.


Give a name that is meaningful to you in the Name field.
In our example, we have used  webhookForMKRWAN1310


Paste the URL that you copied in Step 7.
In our example, it was


Ensure that JSON is selected in the Content Type field.


Click CREATE to create a connection.

As a result of this step, your account is created on TPC, allowing your device to be registered.

* If you already have a backend application definition (i.e a connection) on TPC, you can skip this step.