Step 4 - Install LoRa Library

In this step, you will:

-Install MKRWAN** library to your Arduino development environment.

In order to be able your device to use LoRa technology, you have to install a library* into your development environment.


Please select the Manage Libraries*** option under the Tools menu to access the Libraries menu of the IDE. Alternately, you can use Ctrl+Shift+L to access the same menu.


Please type MKRWAN at search box.


Please click on INSTALL under the section for MKRWAN v2.


Please observe

Successfully installed library MKRWAN_V2.1.3.2 message.

As a result of this step, you installed the necessary library, which is necessary to use LoRa technology.

*For more information please visit following sites

** You going to install V2 of this library.
*** Please notice that these libraries are application libraries, don’t mix with Device libraries to support different Arduino supported Devices.