Step 7 - Create a Backend Application

In this step, you will:

– Create a backend application for testing purposes.

In order to display the information received from TPC, visit the Webhook website to create a web page that will show the data sent from your device using TPC’s service.


Visit the Webhook site, and automatically a page will be created for you to use to display the collected device data.


The unique web URL(*) can be used to view the data that was received from TPC.


Click here to copy the URL, which will be used for registration of the backend service at TPC. In our case, the URL of that unique page is:


The received LoRaWAN® packets can be viewed here.

As a result of this step, your account is created on TPC, and the registration of your device is proceeded with.

* This is the unique URL, which was just created, and the only information you need to proceed.