Step 6 - Get DevEUI of Device

In this step, you will:

-Upload your 1st step sketch to your device using Arduino development environment
-Observe the DevEUI of your device at Serial Monitor of your development environment

You must know the DevEUI of your device in order to use it to register with TPC and access the LoRaWAN® network. For this purpose, you going to use another example* sketch supplied by the MKRWAN library. DevEUI.


Please select the FirstConfiguration sketch supplied by the MKRWAN library, which can be found under the Examples Menu of Files main menu.


Please verify that the FirstConfiguration sketch is loaded; now you can compile the sketch.


Please select upload by clicking on the arrow, or alternatively, you can use ctrl+U for sketches to:

2)Upload to Device
3)And run


Please observe the CPU reset. Message, which shows that your sketch had been compiled, uploaded, and started to run.


Please click on the Serial Monitor icon to view the messages printed by the device as a result of the run.


Please record the 8-digit hex number, which is DevEUI of your device.

In our example, DevEUI is shown as

34:38:34:35: 34:38:34:35**

As a result of this step, you get the DevEUI of your device. That information is necessary to register your device with TPC.

*for more information on the sketch you going to use please visit following url:

** please notice that this DevEUI is not real , shown as an example.