Overview of this Activity

The goal of this activity is to introduce the intensive services of TPC, the Arduino development environment (Arduino IDE 2.0), which has a very user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE), and an IoT module (Arduino MKR WAN 1310) that can be used to make simple “homebrew”.

During this exercise, you will use the Arduino IDE with an Arduino MKR WAN 1310 board to send a LoRaWAN® message to the Actility TPC. This exercise assumes that you are not familiar with the Arduino environment.

In addition, it is assumed that you don’t have previous experience working with TPC. As usual, a deep understanding of computer hardware or software development is not required to successfully perform the activity.

In short, this cookbook will show you how to set up a complete LoRaWAN® solution using free services without any prior knowledge.

Additionally, you can use any LoRaWAN® compatible sensor in this activity with minor modifications.