Step 12 - Monitor the LoRaWAN® Packets at Arduino IDE Console

In this step, you will:

– Use the Arduino IDE to create and view the results of these packets.

In this step, you will use the LoraSendAndReceive sketch to generate requests to send LoRaWAN® packets using your Arduino MKR WAN1310.


Click the Serial Monitor icon to view the packets printed by the device as a result of the run.


Ensure that both NL & CR are selected.


Type some text and press Enter.


If you see Message sent correctly!, it means the following:

– Your sketch is compiled and uploaded to the device. i.e., your IDE is working perfectly.

-Your LoRaWAN® packet is delivered correctly i.e., your packet arrived at TPC, your TPC definitions are correct, and as a result, your packet was accepted by TPC.