Step 1 - Prepare Development Environment

In this step, you will:

– Download the zip file from Arduino website
– Install to your computer

You are going to use Arduino IDE in order to compile and upload your sketch to your Arduino MKR WAN 1310 device. For this, you have to install Arduino IDE* on your computer.


Please visit Arduino home page.


Please select SOFTWARE tab to access the software download page.


Please select WINDOWS ZIP file.


Please consider to contribute Arduino community. Contributing to Arduino can be a great way to give back to the open-source community and help improve the Arduino platform for everyone.


Please notice that download of the installation file download starts automatically.


Please click to Open to start installation of Arduino IDE.


Please read the Terms of Service and click I Agree, if you agree with the Terms of Service.


Please select Next to continue the installation.


Please select the installation directory.


Please observe the installation progress and press Next to continue.


Please click Finish to finalize the installation and start the Arduino IDE application.


When installing libraries and using the IDE on a daily basis, the Arduino IDE requires internet access. That’s why it is better to allow Arduino IDE to access the internet. If it is suitable for you, please click Allow access.


Please wait until installation messages are finished in the Output window of the IDE.

As a result of this step, you have prepared your development (Arduino IDE 2.0 ) environment for developing and uploading your sketch to Arduino supported devices.

* Please ensure that your device (Arduino MKR WAN 1310) is not connected at this step.