Step 13 - Monitor the LoRaWAN® Packets at TPC Admin Console

In this step, you will:

– Logon to TPC.
– View your device’s (Arduino MKR WAN 1310) definitions.
– Verify that your device is online.
– Verify the data that was sent in Step 11 and Step 12.

You can view the LoRaWAN® packets that you generated in Step 11 and Step 12 on TPC. To achieve this, you need to perform the following steps:


Go to the Devices menu to view your Arduino MKR WAN 1310 device, which was provisioned at Step 10.


Click on MKRWAN1310 in order to access details about your device.


Verify that the device is ACTIVE.


Verify that the connection is ACTIVE.


Observe the packets that you sent in Step 11 and Step 12.