Solution Overview

The Abeeway Smart Badge plays a central role in this solution by sharing your location data. This data is sourced either from your mobile phone (when in close proximity to the Smart Badge) or from the LoRaWAN® community network (when the mobile phone is at a distance). This arrangement ensures that regardless of your mobile phone’s proximity, your Smart Badge’s location is tracked.

To facilitate tracking, two tools come into play: the Abeeway Mobile Application for your smartphone and the Abeeway Device Manager for your web browser. These applications empower you to monitor the movements of your Smart Badge. The nature of the information flow hinges on the proximity between your Smart Badge and your mobile phone, where the Abeeway Mobile Application is installed.

During regular operation(*), your Smart Badge establishes a connection with the Abeeway Mobile Application through Bluetooth (Step 1). Subsequently, the Abeeway Mobile Application employs its location service to determine the badge’s precise location (Step 2). The Abeeway Mobile Application then transmits this location information, along with the presence of the Smart Badge, to the ThingPark X Location Engine (Step 3). This information is ultimately stored within the TPX IoT Core system (Step 4). Following this data transmission, you gain the ability to monitor badge movements through either the Abeeway Mobile Application on your smartphone (Step 5) or by accessing the Abeeway Device Manager via a web browser (Steps 6 and 7), providing comprehensive tracking options as depicted in the corresponding image annotations.

*Please notice that in this case (i.e., your Smart Badge is close to your mobile phone), your badge minimizes its activities in order to use its battery efficiently.

In the scenario where your Smart Badge is distanced from your mobile phone, the following process ensues:

  1. The device employs its GNSS/WiFi capabilities to ascertain its location.
  2. It subsequently transmits this location information as a LoRaWAN® message.
  3. The transmitted signals are captured by a LoRaWAN® gateway.
  4. The received message is then directed to the TPC (ThingPark Community Platform) Network Server.
  5. The ThingPark X location message is further forwarded to the Location Engine.
  6. Finally, the location information finds its place within the TPX IoT Core(**) system.

Following this sequence of actions, you gain the ability to track movements through either the Abeeway Mobile Application on your mobile phone (Step 6) or the Abeeway Device Manager accessible through a web browser (Steps 7 and 8).

It’s important to note that LoRaWAN® serves as a backup connection, coming into play when the asset being tracked is situated far from the mobile phone.

** IoT Core is an IoT database for time series data.