Step 6 – Customize Abeeway Mobile Application

In this step, you will:

-Customize the Abeeway Mobile Application to suit your needs.

By now, you’ve done all the necessary settings for your Smart Badge. This is your opportunity to tailor the mobile app to match the environment you’ve created. In this phase, you’ll define the areas where you want to track your Smart Badge’s entries and exits. Additionally, you can set up customized alerts to keep you informed about specific events. You’ll also have the option to adjust how often location information is sent during this process.


Click the icon with 3 bars to access the customization menu.


Select your tracker (my tracker)  from the menu.

It’s essential to decide on the timing for sending location information according to your requirements to preserve the battery as much as possible.


Click Setting icon to access the settings menu.


Choose your location and sending period. Please notice that shorter periods cause shorter battery lives.


Click ADVANCED SETTINGS icon to access detailed information about your device.


Access the firmware versions of your device from this menu.


Click this button to remove your Smart Badge from your account.

Personalize your environment by setting up the alerts you wish to receive from your Smart Badge.


Click the Alerts icon to access the alert settings menu.


Enable Motion Alert and SOS Alert from this menu (Note: these modes are disabled by default).