Step 4 - Activate Abeeway Smart Badge

In this step, you will:

Turn ON the Smart Badge, which is usually delivered in low-power shipping mode, to ensure that it is ready for TPC registration.

To utilize the Smart Badge, power it on and allow some time for it to connect to the LoRaWAN® network. It’s important to emphasize that during this step, you should be within the coverage area of Actility’s ThingPark Community LoRaWAN® network, as you’ve registered your badge with TPC in the preceding step.


In order to turn ON the Smart Badge, press the button for 3 seconds and release. Meanwhile, you will hear a beep every second while you press the button. Then release the button.


The BLUE LED in the status area will blink.


You will be alerted by a distinctive sound indicating that the Smart Badge is ON.


If you see ACTIVE in the status area, it means that all the definitions that you have done till now are correct, and your Smart Badge has joined your TPC network and delivered messages!

Be aware that it can take some time for Smart Badges to join the TPC network.