Overview of This Activity

In this activity, you are going to create a geolocation tracking environment. In this environment, you will facilitate the creation of a system that lets you monitor the movements of your belongings, specifically your Smart Badge, via a mobile application (AMA). The backbone of this system is LoRaWAN® networking technology, which will be used to transfer location messages from your Smart Badge to backend systems.

The badge you’ll be using is designated with LoRaWAN® connectivity, enabling seamless communication with LoRaWAN® gateways. This badge is equipped with geolocation capabilities based on GPS, WiFi fingerprinting, and BLE beaconing. It will periodically transmit its location data across the LoRaWAN® network. LoRaWAN® gateways will pick up these signals and forward the data to a backend platform.

To visually track your movements, a mobile application will connect to the backend platform. The application will receive the location updates from the badge and present them on a map interface. This map interface not only displays your current position in real-time but also chronicles your movements over time. As a result, you can actively monitor your trajectory while operating within the bounds of LoRaWAN® network coverage.

The mobile application extends its utility by offering supplementary features, including the ability to set up geofences or trigger notifications upon entry or exit from designated zones. This comprehensive functionality provides users with a user-friendly and customizable tracking experience. In essence, within this environment, you craft a pragmatic solution for personal tracking and location-based monitoring, harnessing the capabilities of both LoRaWAN® connectivity and geolocation technologies.