Step 8 - Monitor the Smart Badge on ADM

In this step, you will:

– View many useful details about your Smart Badge

As mentioned earlier, there are three methods available for reviewing location data on your Smart Badge. One of these methods, the Abeeway Mobile Application, has already been installed and set up. Additionally, you have the option to utilize a web browser to access the Abeeway Device Manager application. Lastly, while not covered in this activity, the possibility of integrating an API for obtaining location data remains.


Access the Abeeway Device Manager  home page using this link.

Be aware that this link is different from the one that appears under the Access ThingPark menu option on the TPC home page.


Enter your user ID and password you used to register at the Abeeway Mobile App installation.


On the initial screen, the left column of the table will present a compilation of the tracking devices that have been integrated into your Abeeway Location Engine. By selecting a device, you can move it to the right column of the device list table. This action enables you to access and review the specific details of your Smart Badge within that section.

Note that the devices in the table’s right column represent the list of devices you are currently focusing on and will be working with. Conversely, the devices in the left column of the table encompass all the devices you have registered.


Click Select to continue with the devices listed in the right column of the table.


You now see a list of the devices you chose to work with, each with a brief description.


The screen displays more information on the device when you choose one from the list.


Click the MAP icon to visualize the location of your Smart Badge.


To access additional details about your Smart Badge, click on Device Configuration.