Step 7 - Monitor the Smart Badge on TPC

In this step, you will:

-Monitor the status of your Smart Badge on TPC

TPC serves as the network platform that your Smart Badge uses to send messages using LoRaWAN® technology. Monitoring the device’s status and messages on the TPC platform is crucial for understanding its operations. However, it is important to note that when your mobile phone and Smart Badge are connected via Bluetooth, your phone’s location is sent instead of the tracker’s GPS or WiFi position via LoRaWAN® messages to the Abeeway Location Engine. Consequently, it’s normal not to observe any LoRaWAN® communications from your device in this particular situation.


Access the TPC home page using this link.


Enter your user ID and password that you used to register for TPC at Step 1.

Be aware that this user ID and password are different from those you previously used with the Abeeway Mobile App.


Finally, select ThingPark Admin Console to access the TPC dashboard.


Click on your Smart Badge from the list under Devices / List.

From this screen, you can access detailed information about your Smart Badge. However, keep in mind that the data you are viewing is limited to your device’s LoRaWAN® perspective.


This is the most important piece of information of which you should be aware. If you see ACTIVE on the status, it means that your Smart Badge has a proper connection to your TPC account.


In this section, you can view the last 10 LoRaWAN® messages received by your  TPC account.


The ThingPark Wireless Logger program will open when you click the SHOW ALL icon, giving you complete information on all received LoRaWAN® messages, including Join request and accepts, uplink, and downlink data messages.

On this screen, you have the ability to access precise information regarding the LoRaWAN® messages received by your TPC network. Furthermore, you can also view the list of TPC gateways that receive your LoRaWAN® communications and subsequently transmit them to your TPC account.