Solution Overview

In this activity, you will develop a simple dashboard to view collected sensor data explained in Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark cookbook. As usual, deep technical knowledge or programming skills not needed. A general outline of the solution is shown below. Very high level, sensor data will be received by LoRaWAN® Gateway(s) . Then data will be transferred to Network Server (Actility TPC) and a Backend Service will be used to get benefit from the collected data.

As a result of this activity, you will be able to view the sensor data on the web browser.


The environment shown below was prepared in the Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark cookbook, and the collected data were displayed on the webhook website. However, this environment cannot be used for the end user to view the collected data.


In this activity, you will add new Visualization channel (ie. Web browser) to view the sensor data which is called Dashboard

Solution flow…

Flow of the collected sensor data shown in the figure. Flow steps 1~3 had been described at Hello LoRaWAN® and ThingPark. In this activity only 3 further flow steps (4 ~6) added.


Collected Sensor data (Temp, Humidity, Light and Battery) using LoRaWAN® technology.

LoRaWAN® GW will relay the collected data to Actility TPC using existing internet connection . (3)

Collected Data will be parsed by ThingParkX to convert raw data into JSON formatted data and information sent to Qubitro using Qubitro connector at ThingPark X IoT. (5)

Web Browser will access to Dashboard at Qubitro using HTML format.