Monitoring Steps

During this activity, you are going to perform two different kinds of tasks. The first category is to implement the solution, and the second category is to maintain oversight on how data moves between various functional elements (TPC, TPX, Qubitro, web browser). To help with debugging, it is necessary to get familiar with “how to follow the footprints of the data.”

Implementation Steps

Create a free account and a project on Qubitro
Create a TPX connection to Qubitro
Update sensor definition on TPC
Verify connection to Qubitro on TPC and TPX
Verify sensor definition on Qubitro
Create a dashboard to display sensor data on Qubitro

Monitoring Steps

Monitor sensor data on TPC
Monitor sensor data on TPX 
Monitor sensor data on Qubitro
Monitor sensor data on web browser

Because the solution that you just implemented involves a wide variety of systems, it is important to have a solid understanding of the places at which you can observe each system. There are three key areas that you can monitor while working on this exercise: TPC, TPX, and Qubitro.