Step 2 - Create a TPX connection to Qubitro

Since the Qubitro connector will be used to send collected data into the backend (i.e.,, a new connection should be created at TPX.


An HTTP connection was utilized throughout the Welcome LoRaWAN® and Thingpark cookbook to facilitate the sending of collected data that could then be monitored.


Using TPX, as shown in the diagram, you are going to establish a connection to Qubitro in the course of this exercise. The type of connection will be Qubitro.



To create a TPX connection, select Create under the category of Connections.

Select TPX as connection type.

Select Qubitro as connection type as shown in the figure.

Please enter a name for the connection. In this activity let’s use “ActilityQubitro.”

For Project ID*: Please enter Project ID copied at Step 1.

For WebHook Signing Key: please enter Signing Key copied at Step 1.

When you click on the "Create" button, you will notice that a new connection is added to the connection list.

You have to verify that the newly defined TPX connection (i.e., ActilityQubitro) is accurate and that TPC is able to contact the intended service (i.e., Qubitro) in the correct manner.


Select the new connection (ActilityQubitro) from the connections list in order to access details of this new connection.

Since no device is using that new connection yet, active device count, uplink and downlink counts appear as 0.

If all definitions are correct, you will see icon at the top right of the screen. That means the TPX connector has successfully connected to the target system, which is the test MQTT broker at,