STEP – 3

Provisiong the LoRaWAN® Gateway on TPCP

To use your LoRaWAN® Gateway, you need to register (provision) it into your account on TPCP. If you purchase your gateway from TPCP Market*, your gateway is already configured and registered into your Actility account. In this case, you can skip this step.

  1. Log into TPCP (
  2. On home page, click Access ThingPark.
  3. Click ThingPark Admin Console (see Figure).

Note ThingPark Admin Console redirects to the ThingPark Enterprise dashboard. TPE dashboard shows Base stations, Devices, Alerts and Messages


Select “TP Admin Console” to access ThingPark Enterprise dashboard


You can see the dashboard* which shows:

- Base Stations
- Devices
- Alerts
- Messages

* When you login to TPCP for the first time, there are no registered gateways, devices or connections/applications.

If you purchased the MiniHub gateway from TPCP Marketplace, and your TPC and marketplace accounts share the same email address, the gateway is already configured and registered into you Actility account.

The home page looks like this:


Preconfigured gateway.


Click Base Stations to see the list of gateways or create a gateway.


List of gateways.


Status of the gateway.

- Green: ONLINE

When selecting the gateway from the list, the gateway details are displayed, like illustrated in the Figure. If you completed the WiFi connection in Step 2, the gateway status is ONLINE (Green).


Preconfigured gateway


Configuration information of the Gateway


Status of the Gateway

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