STEP – 7

Monitoring the Sensor Data on TPC platform

Once you have completed all previous steps, data should be sent by the end-device to the webhook site.

For this task, you need to list the connection that you created and analyze the data traffic. Click Connections > List to list connections. See Figure.


From the main menu, click Connections.


Click List from the sub-menu to open the list of connections that are configured on TPE.


All defined connections are listed.


The green dot shows that the connection is ONLINE.

When the gateway is successfully connected to the WiFi Network you selected, the following screen displays and the MiniHub gateway reboots automatically.

Note You will not be able to access the gateway via web browser again. Accessing the gateway is only possible on AP mode (Config mode).


If the connection to the selected WiFi AP is successful, the gateway’s IP address is displayed.


The LoRaWAN® gateway reboots automatically and its Green LED blinks.


LoRaWAN® gateway is not displayed in the WiFi AP list anymore.

In the Last 25 packets frame, you can monitor data packets that have been forwarded to the backend application.


Last 25 packets forwarded to the backend application.

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