Overview of this Activity

Build a LoRaWAN® network which doesn’t require any prior LoRaWAN® technology knowledge and programming skills

In this activity, we are going to perform very simple steps to send sensor data via a LoRaWAN® gateway to the ThingPark Community platform (TPCP, a network server) and display the collected data on an application platform. The end-device we are going to use has temperature, humidity and air pressure sensors built into it.

Solution Overview

The solution that we are going to setup is using LoRaWAN® technology to collect and send data to a backend system for further processing, such as monitoring. In this activity we are going to monitor the temperature, humidity and pressure of the environment using a sensing device. The generic architecture of a LoRaWAN® network* is shown below.

* To learn more about Actility and ThingPark, please visit welcome to TPC Page.

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