STEP – 5

Registration of Backend Application on TPC Platform

On TPCP, a Connection is a link to an Application Server for backend processing. Connection provisioning is the definition of introducing “end point to communication”. To define Connection, only 3 information are required:

  • Connection type, type of the backend system.
  • Name, any name you wish.
  • URL copied from Step 4 – Creating a backend application, URL of the backend system.

You will create Connection definition which points to backend application, At the TPCP Admin console* you can create application definition which will point to backend service which had been created at Step 5.


Select Connections In order to access definitions.


Select Create to start creation of Application definition.

Now, you have to select the type of transport protocol that you going to use as backend service. In our example, we are going to use https:// service.


Select https://, since we are going to use htttps as transport protocol

You need to fill in the required information:


Name the connection.


Paste the URL that you generated and copied in Step 4.


Ensure that JSON is selected in Content Type.


Leave as is.


Click Create to create your connection.

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