STEP – 6

Creating a Device

The final step of implementation is the device registration on the TPCP, which requires the following information:

  • Device Manufacturer/Type
  • DevEUI
  • Activation mode
  • JoinEUI
  • AppKey

DevEUI and AppKey parameters are crucial to ensure the communication between the device and the ThingPark platform.

Note For Tinovi devices, DevEUI and AppKey are written on the sticker inside the device. See Figure

* Providing the AppKey value on (inside) the device presents a practical way for a device used in R&D, but this method shall not be used with devices in production due to its obvious security weakness.


Write down the DevEUI written on the first line of the sticker. This parameter will be used in the device creation form.


Write down the AppKey written on the third line of the sticker. This parameter will be used in the device creation form.

To access the device creation form.


Click on Devices tab.


Click Create.


Select LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 revC – class A.


Select Over-The-Air Activation to start creation of Device definition.


Select the Connection created at Step 4.


Give a name to your device.


Enter the device DevEUI.


You can enter 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00.


Enter the device AppKey.

Now, you must insert battery into your LoRaWAN® device and ensure it is sending data*


Insert 18650 battery into device. Please check the polarity of the battery (+ polarity shown)


To check that the device is sending data, monitor the BLUE LED inside the case and that LED should be ON almost every 20 seconds. To check the LED location, see Figure. This allows you to check if the device battery is powerful enough to start sending data.

*Please notice that your device just transfers data, but it does not mean that data are received by TPE.

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